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Journey into Firoz's Pictures Magic, where every frame tells your unique story in vivid colors.

I'm a visual communicator with a passion for creating images, videos, and websites that are both informative and engaging. I believe that visual communication is a powerful way to share information, build relationships, and inspire action. I use my expertise in photography, filmmaking, and web design to create captivating visuals that tell stories in a way that resonates with my clients' target audiences.
Here’s some of my work:




In the heart of India's fight against COVID-19, a different kind of battlefield emerged - the bustling call centers of the COVID technical helpline.

This film dives into the unseen world of the helpline warriors, the everyday heroes who answered the panicked calls, tackled misinformation, and became a lifeline for a nation in crisis.


Publications available online:

UNESCO & UNICEF Publications Links:

UNESCO Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (Thailand) [669]

Title: Taking Flight

Photographs by Firoz Ahmad Firoz

Online link:

Unicef & Kanyashree Prakalpa Publication:

Title: The Future Is Ours

Photographs by Firoz Ahmad Firoz

Online link:

Unicef Kanyashree_.png
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