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Capture the magic and preserve the memories of your special day. I accept a limited number of wedding & event projects each year so I can give my clients personal attention and always want to ensure I'm the right fit for my clients.

Book Your Film/Photo Shoot Date Early.


The Aesthetic:

An amalgamation of post-modern classicism, with the soft hues of natural light evoking a renaissance essence. It exudes an organic and timeless appearance, akin to the captivating allure of a film.


The Approach:

My signature style encompasses dynamic camera movements that captivate viewers and evoke the nostalgic essence of film photography through vibrant colors. My expertise lies in capturing the true spirit of every occasion, aiming to immerse the audience in genuine emotions and forge a profound connection with each cinematic or photographic encounter.

I take immense pleasure in embracing the spontaneity of genuine moments, crafting visuals that transcend time and become cherished treasures for couples throughout their lifetime. I hold their privacy in the highest regard, committing myself wholeheartedly to ensure their utmost comfort and confidentiality.

In pursuit of excellence, I engage in collaborative partnerships with planners, managers, and stylists. Together, we weave a harmonious tapestry of creativity and coherence, crafting a unified vision tailored to the unique needs of each client.

I am passionate about capturing the cherished moments that will stay with you throughout your lifetime. Share with me the details of your unique celebration, the one that truly brings you joy. Just relax, let loose, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Feel free to reach out to me via WhatsApp at +91-9210884913 or email me at


Unforgettable events immortalized through expert photo film documentation. Cherish every moment with stunning visuals that narrate your unique story. Book now for lasting memories. Capture the essence.

Govt. of India Event at Lal Qila, Delhi

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