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Standard Plan  ₹ 190,000 *+

The Standard Plan offers exceptional value, encompassing essential services. With a four-day field visit for photography and filming, ample time is granted for capturing project visuals. Three short films, enhanced by generative AI voiceover and music, present your narrative creatively. Additionally, receive 150 expertly edited photographs for versatile marketing use. Elevate your online presence with a 25-page website design inclusive of SEO, ensuring broader audience reach.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the services included in the Standard Plan:

  • Four day field visits for photo and film shoot: The photographer/ videographer will visit the client's location for four days to capture photos and videos of the project. I will work with the client to develop a shot list and schedule, and will use my expertise to capture the best possible images and footage.

  • 3 Short films (1 to 5 minutes): These films will be used to tell the story of the project and to showcase its features. The films will be created using generative AI voice over and music tracks, which will give them a unique and engaging feel.

  • 150 edited photographs: The photographer will edit the photos captured during the shoot to ensure that they are high quality and meet the client's requirements. The photos will be edited for color, contrast, and sharpness, and they may also be cropped or resized.

  • 30  pages website design with SEO: The client will receive a 30-page website designed by a professional web designer. The website will be optimized for search engines, so that it can be easily found by potential customers.

  • 2 GB storage space, 2GB bandwidth & 35 minutes video on Wix for 2 years: The website will also include two years of 2 GB storage space on Wix.

  • If you don't need website designing and hosting, you'll get a bonus of one photo story or podcast or one social media ad creation and a one-day field visit. These can be utilized for marketing or promotional purposes.


The total cost of the Basic Plan is ₹190,000. However, there are some additional costs that may be incurred, such as travel expenses or third-party plugins that may require recurring fees.

The payment plan for the Enterprise Plan is as follows:

  • 30% advance payment

  • 40% payment after field photo and video shoots

  • 30% payment after completing of the project

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