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Economy Plan  ₹ 70,000 *+

The Economy Plan offers photography and short film services. It includes a 2-day on-site session, providing 100 high-quality project images, and a custom generative AI voice-over for a strategically tailored short film to boost project visibility.

The Economy Plan you've described offers the following services:

  1. Two Days Field Visit for Photo and Film Shoot: This service provides a two-day period for a photographer and videographer to visit the project location and capture a variety of photographs and footage. The specific location for the shoot will be determined in consultation with you, the client. This field visit is crucial for gathering visual materials for your project.

  2. Includes 100 High-Quality Project Photographs: As part of the Economy Plan, you will receive 100 high-quality project photographs. These images will be taken during the field visit and are intended to showcase your project in the best possible light. High-quality images are essential for marketing and promotional purposes.

  3. One Short Film (1 to 5 Minutes) About the Project: This plan also includes the creation of two short films, each ranging from 1 to 3 minutes in length. These films will be produced using the footage captured during the field visit. Short films are an effective way to convey the essence and highlights of your project in a visually engaging manner.

  4. Generative AI Voice-Over & Music Track: To enhance the short films, generative AI technology will be used to provide voice-over narration. This AI-generated voice-over can help explain the project's details and significance. Additionally, a music track will be added to create a more immersive and emotional experience for the viewers.


The total cost of the Enterprise Plan is ₹70,000. However, there are some additional costs that may be incurred, such as travel and boarding expenses.

The payment plan for the Enterprise Plan is as follows:

  • 30% advance payment

  • 40% payment after field photo and video shoots

  • 30% payment after completing of the project

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